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10/27/13 - Yeah, it's not happening.

I can't seem to get the gallery back online. No errors showing up in the logs, so no direction to go in so it can be fixed. FML. I've removed the link to the TV Schedule as well. It wasn't up-to-date anyway. I'm working on wikifying the site so we can be fully back online. Still looking for volunteers.

We're mostly back.

After spending too much time on the back and forth with the webhost about stuff that should not have been broken, I've switched hosts to someone who not only knows to to keep a server updated, but also tells you before they do it AND doesn't break everything that shouldn't break.

That being said, everything CGI is down. That's the TV Schedule, picture gallery and a couple other things (memory fails). It's to be expected since the code was written for the antiquated software on the old server. I'm working on bringing it back online.

I'm still setting up a wiki to replace the entire site. Still looking for volunteers to keep it updated. Email me at if you're interested!'s borked.

10/19/2013 - Yesterday, without warning, the webhost did a huge upgrade. The site went offline for several hours and now (as you can see) it is broken. Unfortunately, I have to go to work so it's going to have to remain this way until at least later today. I made a quick edit, so parts might start working (hahaha) once they take hold, but much of the site is still broken.

In any event, I've been toying with the idea of switching the site over to a wiki for some time now. Problem is that I work four jobs and no longer have any time to maintain the content. I'm looking for volunteers who can help keep the site up-to-date. I'll do all the content transfer for the old site and administrative work, so don't worry about handling any of the technical stuff. If you're interested in helping to bring this site back to its former glory, please email me at Be sure to put " wiki" in the subject so I can spot it amongst the junk mail more easily.


Now Appearing

Be sure to catch Dead at 17 airing this Saturday (May 31th) at 9:00 PM on Lifetime!

Impact Point will have a non-theatrical release on July 8th!

Thanks to AOL Video You can watch Mr. Ashby anytime on AOL TV in Adam 12, a TV Series he appeared in the late 80s/early 90s!

Last Three Updates


Added a few release dates and updated the TV Schedule. Be sure to check out Adam 12 (link above)!


I thought I posted this in March, but apparently not. Mr. Ashby is currently on Days of Our Lives playing Morgan's father. Also, he's in Prom Night which is in theaters now.


Added information on three new movies, updated information on Dead Mule Suitcase. And please, if anyone dares to see the new Rambo movie (opening towards the end of the month) let us know if Mr. Ashby's actually in it.

This site last updated Friday, May 30, 2008.

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